Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving time!

Welcome to our Thanksgiving home! Come on in and we'll show you how we decorate for the upcoming Mash Potato day. I have to call it that since most people say Turkey Day and it can't be Turkey day when you're a Vegetarian. :)

Here's my beautiful Fall wreath I put together last year, but I think it looks so great on the yellow door this year.

In our living room on our mantel I created a Fall/Thanksgiving theme using two brown cone shaped statues on either end and various Fall things in between. I'll show close ups so you can see them better.

Here is the sweet needlepoint my Grandmother made years ago, which is very fitting for the Thankful holiday. 

Last year I found this planter with purple mums that was on our table last year, but this year I decided to place it on top of some books.

Last year I found this at Home Goods and loved how it looked home made.  The black frame with orange hand stitched felt and white felt pumpkin and black felt crows was too adorable to pass up.  It was in the Thanksgiving decoration section but could work for Halloween too.

Fresh fall flowers give the mantel life.

These brown velvet wrapped sparkly cones were from Home Goods last year and I love how they give height to the mantel. 

The tan pumpkin is from Home Goods.  I shared it with you last year. 

This little ceramic orange pumpkin is a candle from Yankee Candle.  It was a gift from my husband for our anniversary. He knows how much I love Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I placed two glitter-coated pumpkins on top of the white Expedit book cases in our living room.

This year's table centerpiece is a simple trifle glass jar with a vanilla scented candle in the middle and acorns that my children find outside in our yard. They love collecting them and adding them to the table.

Can't wait for the Thanksgiving feast to begin!!


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