Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

It's a nice quiet Thanksgiving this year, just the five of us cherishing our time together as a little family. It's a chilly 40 degrees today. The kids and I snuggled up this morning to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Afterwards they got bundled up and rode their scooters around the neighborhood. It was the perfect Thanksgiving morning.  

This photo was taken yesterday, a little Pre-Thanksgiving Indian fight. I handed out their feather hats and an all-out pretend bow and arrow fight ensued.  My seven year old sure does know how to enact any kind of battle.

I have been thinking all month long to share our Thanksgiving decorations, but I'm finally getting around to it. Better late than never. 

In the center of our mantle is our "Home Sweet Home" embroidered towel made by my Grandmother and our little Pilgrim boy I found at a local Thrift shop.

Our two wrapped cones were purchased from Home Goods last Thanksgiving. I think it gives a nice balance to the mantel. The brown pumpkin is also from Home Goods.

This little pot of purple Mums was purchased from Kohls last year too and the golden leaf garland is from Michaels.

I love this little crow felt and embroidered picture from Home Goods. It reminds me a little of Halloween but was in the Thanksgiving decorations, so I'm sticking with it. :)

Our meal preparation is under way in the kitchen today. I just finished making my Mom's fruit salad.  And I am thankful for Joe, who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty in the kitchen. He's the bird man (oh and the gravy man) in our family.  I will prepare the stuffing, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls, and pies.  But thankfully Joe has already diced up the onions and celery for me. Score.

I went ahead and set the table. Shhhh, don't tell anyone I didn't iron the tablecloth. And please don't mention it to my Southern Mother-in-law who would be appalled. Our kids won't notice and nobody's coming over! hehehe.  

Each child's hat is placed on their plates...and kinda silly that I chose such big plates for them that completely hide their Pottery Barn turkey placemats (that I also didn't bother ironing.) Don't judge me. :-)

Here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Are you shopping tonight for Christmas? I still can't believe the stores are opening up tonight.  Who shops on Thanksgiving?  I'm happy to report most of my shopping is done and I'll be enjoying board games with the kids tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!

Cathleen & family

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