Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween to your home from ours! We had so much fun over the weekend at our annual Halloween party!  Here are some photos from the party.  

Joe and I went as Officer Mendez (AKA Pornstache!) and I went as Alex Vause from the Netflix series Orange is the New Black.  We had to much fun piecing together our costumes.  Joe's was pretty easy. I found his shirt and pants at Target, the mustache, badge and handcuffs at the local Halloween store, and his walkie talkie was one of kid's toys.  A few nights before the party I gave him a nice clean flat top and dyed his hair brown. He added some additional black spray.  For my costume I found the tan scrubs on Amazon and I already owned a pair of black doc martens.  I made a name tag using Word and clipped it on using a plastic badge that belonged to my son.  I lucked out and found a cute pair of black glasses at Target in the optical department.  Tomorrow I go in to have my eyes checked and will probably get them filled with a real prescription!  

The kids were adorable dressed up as Darth Vader, an ice cream cone, and Harry Potter!  

A few days before the party the kid's helped decorate a Halloween haunted house.  I found it at Target on sale for $4.99 and it was totally worth it to see them cooperating. 

For the party I made three desserts. The first was old fashioned popcorn balls placed in cupcake wrappers. You can find the recipe here.

I thought Rice Crispy treats would be another kid favorite so I whipped up a basic batch following the recipe on the cereal box and adding Halloween sprinkles

And these sugar cookies were my favorite to make, but I learned my lesson the hard way that I should cover them with Seran wrap after frosting them. The faces got a little smudgy.  Next time, I'll make the faces right before serving!  

For drinks I made Martha Stewart's Sangria in a glass pitcher I found at Target. It had a cute chalkboard square already on the front to add "Vampire's Blood" in chalk.  It was complete with dry ice.

The kids are here waiting for guests to arrive, enjoying Chex mix and drinks.

I didn't want to post pics of our guests for privacy reasons so I left those out, but we had a big pot luck complete with eye ball pizza, vegetarian chili, lasagna, and salad.  The kids enjoyed Halloween juice and the adults indulged in wine and sangria.  Afterwards, the kids played outside and danced inside to the fog machine.  Then they all got swings of the ghost pinata.

During our fun pinata game the fire department showed up because the kids were having too much fun with the fog machine and our smoke alarm went off.  I should have known to answer the phone afterwards or wait for the call, but instead I was snapping the photos outside of the cute kids. It all worked out for the best since the kids got to tour the fire truck and the firemen happily accepted popcorn balls from us.  Overall it was a great party.
Happy Halloween kids! Stay safe tonight!


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