Monday, December 2, 2013

New front door again!

Well I think it's finally time we show you our new front door! It's been well over a month since we changed it out.  We will have a warm place in our hearts for our old yeller, I mean old yellow. But it was time to say goodbye. See pics below.

When Joe said we had "rot" I hardly could believe him. I mean we just replaced the door a few years ago. But the way our porch sits and our awnings hang and with the gutters that never seem to work right, the rain water just took over. Here is the bottom corner of the door where most of the rot was occurring. Joe decided that the whole door and frame needed replacing. Again. Le Sigh.

First Joe used his box cutter tool to carefully remove the trim around the door frame so he didn't peel off my cute stripes on the wall.

I'm not to go into a lot of detail here about replacing a door since you can read that on our original door post (see link above.)  But here is the door and interior casing removed.

And here's the old door, about to be put on the curb, ready for a random Craig's List user perusing the "for free" section.

While Joe got everything aligned and properly fitting (his circular saw got a lot of work on the outside door opening), I got to pick a fun new color for our door and I was leaning towards something more subtle and looking for a change.  I decided to go with this fun light blue called "Sea Sparkle" by Valspar in an exterior high gloss.  We also decided to change out the handle/lock with oil rubbed bronze hardware from Lowes. Our old lock and handle was peeling pretty badly and I didn't want to spray paint it again to have the same thing happen. Another lesson learned.

I love the new color against the gray siding with pops of dark black fixtures. Oh and this was taken during October since our black wreath is still on the door.

And I just couldn't get my mind off wanting to change the inside door color. White was just so boring and after looking at so many black interior doors I had to try it on ours. Now was my chance! Here is the BEFORE shot of our door.

And here is the AFTER:

I chose "Dark Kettle Black" also by Valspar in a Semi-gloss finish.  I didn't want to risk all the brush strokes showing up, but I regret not going with a high gloss. I think it could have been more dramatic.   I'm glad that whole door fiasco is over and we can move on.  Oh and we almost bought a storm door to solve the rot problem, but we are going to give it some time and see how it goes.  We're not sure we're "storm door" people yet. :)

And I can't believe it's already December! Where did all the time go?



Sarni said...

I'd miss the "window" in ye old door but am loving this new color! And who would've thought Black for the interior door - looks smashing.

Peahen Pad said...

I missed the window at first too, but I've gotten use to it. We thought we were going to have a "BIG WINDOW" with a storm door. Oh well. Next time. :)

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