Saturday, December 28, 2013

Drawer Doll Beds

Christmas came too fast this year!  Four days before Christmas we decided to follow the great example on Young House Love, hoping to build a play kitchen for our daughter. At the local ReStore, we dug among the many cabinets, discovering a pair of bathroom cabinets for $15 that would fit the bill perfectly. Perfect except for the mold underneath the base of the cabinets.

While Joe let out some X-mas frustration dismantling the cabinets for the trash, inspiration struck as I stared at the small drawers that came with the cabinets. Fully constructed out of wood, and in good shape, it seemed a pity to throw them out. What if I made these into sliding doll beds?

Joe gave them a quick sanding, scrubbed them with a dilute bleach spray, then I painted the fronts with some coral paint we had in the shed (leftover from this project.) As always I use two coats of paint and three coats of Minwax Polycrylic in high gloss. We also reused a trio of knobs that were languishing in a box. Finally, I sewed small pillows and sheets with some vintage fabric leftovers from my Grandmother's stash.

Here's our daughter putting her babies to bed on Christmas morning.  :) She's in love! She's able to tuck these beds right under her bed via furniture slides Joe added to the bottom of each drawer.  But so far they've been out in the open. Each night before bedtime she tucks everyone in and says good night.  Makes my heart smile.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


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