Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Christmas House Tour

Wow! Christmas Eve is just 5 days away.   I'm finally showing you some of our decorations. This year I decorated in about 1 day (okay 1 day for the inside of the house and 1 day for the outside.)  I don't feel like we've done anything "special" this year, just the same stuff we always put up.  But every year it's always a little different.  So here we go!  Welcome to our 2013 Christmas house tour!

Our front door got a new wreath this year.  You can read all about it in yesterday's post.

Our entry way gets a little Christmasy when I switch our usual prints with these from the Graphic Fairy website.  I also add a few little ornaments.

Our "centerpiece" on our table is just a cute little reindeer candle holder with a gold candle and a few pine cone mini candles around it. I totally get more festive with our table during Christmas dinner but during the month I keep it simple.

Our display cabinet gets filled with vintage ornaments, Christmas crackers waiting to be opened, candy, and presents!  It's a great storage area for mailed gifts and a bonus that the kid's can't open these doors to sneak a peak.

I LOVE these blue, white, and pink vintage ornaments so much! That's why I can't bring myself to hang them on the tree. They were my Grandmother's ornaments so they get tucked away in the china cabinet so we can see them, but nobody can touch them. :)

One of the things we had to do this year was move our record shelf into the dining room so we could put our big tree in the living room in front of our window. So I put these cute little pink and green trees on top and the kids got to decorate them with lights and little glass balls from Urban Outfitters (purchased on clearance last year.)

In the living room I have my little vintage elves on display. They love watching over the kids and happily report back to Santa about whether the kids were naughty or nice. So far it's been a mixture!

This elf is protecting a gift for Daddy.

The glorious tree! This one is special since we got to pick it out as a family at Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm. It's also where we shot our family Christmas portraits.  The top of the tree got the more fragile ornaments and the kid's got to decorate the bottom portion using mostly fabric or wood ornaments.  We tried using mostly red and gold ornaments that were vintage or looked vintage and they all have a very special meaning to us. A lot were hand made by my Mom in the 80's. Other woodland creatures were given as gifts and some purchased over the year at various stores. Our tree topper was my Grandmother's.

One of the best things about our Christmas decor is that it's mostly all home made. Our kid's stockings were all hand needle pointed by their great Aunt Sharon. The outer two stockings which belong to me and Joe were needle pointed by his mom.  His is from 1979. Mine was completed in '07. :)

I made this cute feather wreath two years ago and it's stored in a wreath box during the year. It has stayed in pretty good shape! My daughter picked out the glittery pine cone garland across the mantel. She did a good job!

This was a white elephant gift I won about 10 years ago at work.  I can't help smile at these white ice skates.

The best part of Christmas is of course smiling kids.  Here is my middle guy after making his gingerbread house.

Here are my two younger ones painting with acrylic paint some wooden decorations I found for about 70 cents each at Michaels.

I hung them up with my Christmas cards but they have since been moved to the window in our craft room.

Our Advent calendar is hung that my Mom sewed and each day the kid's hang an ornament. As you can see we are getting close!

Our daughter got a cute pink Christmas tree several years ago and each year she adds new ornaments given to her as gifts.

I didn't know where to hang this letter "P" so it's on her birdhouse.

Our boys have my old office tree with changing fiber optic lights and their personal ornaments.

Each of the kid's decorated cut out trees. Can you tell I'm trying to keep them busy while their home?

And this little girl wants a puppy for Christmas. Will Santa give in and get her one? We'll have to see!

Thanks for having a look around to see how we decorate!! Merry early Christmas!



Sarni said...

Your house looks BEAUTIFUL and festive; So Light and Cheery. Filled with LOVE and happiness . Warms my heart ♥

Peahen Pad said...

Thanks much Mom! Wish you could see it in person! Miss you!!

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