Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Christmas wreath

My poor wreath from Christmas past has finally reached it's lifespan. I made it several years ago using pine cones from my yard and flowers/leaves/berries from Michaels.  Where are the pine cones you ask? Well they've fallen off once, twice, three times over and now it's just a hot glue mess.  I tried peeling the hot glue off but that didn't work without breaking the branches.

So I decided to remove everything and start over. I flipped it over making the back the front.

There were a ton of cute wreaths on Pinterest but I wanted to reuse the same base and when I stumbled upon this one I loved it. I found some cute pre-made bundles of pine, berry, and twigs from Michaels on a recent trip where everything Christmasy was 70% off. Score! I used my hot glue again to tuck the pieces into the wreath and make sure they stayed.

Here's a sweet little close-up with my black and white ribbon bow. I'm thinking I may add a bigger ribbon down the line if I can find something I really like. That big white and gray Chevron ribbon was nowhere to be found.

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away and I'm still not ready. I did finish all of my wrapping and mailing, but still need to figure out special gifts for my kids and plan our Christmas Eve dinner and all the fun things we'll do over the holiday break.

Have you made any Christmas wreaths? It's so easy! Check out my other home made wreath here.


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