Thursday, February 27, 2014

Faux Fur Blanket

You can score the best deals on blankets and "holiday" items in February!  I found this cute King size Faux Flur blanket at T.J. Maxx for under $15. I think it retailed for around $99!  

It's been keeping us warm and snuggly for weeks now and I'm finally showing it to you.

We've played around with the placement on the bed.  We've tried it draped on the end like this.

Under the Duvet like this.

So far we like this placement the best. On top but folded neatly across. 

I have really enjoyed this new blanket.  The texture is so soft and it means I can snuggle up without undoing the whole bed.  Rainy day naps after a little reading have been that much more relaxing.  Anyone else like the look of fur on their bed?  I'm ready for a nap right about now.


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