Monday, February 17, 2014

Minor bathroom upgrades

Sometimes when I look through our "house tour" photos I quickly realize that things have changed a little (sometimes a lot) since I've uploaded the photos.  For instance in our Master Bathroom, there have been several updates worth noting that I shall share with you now.

We updated our lower cabinets with Gray paint and knobs. But I never got around to taking full bathroom shots.  So here's a reminder of how the cabinets were looking before we changed the knobs to fox nobs.

And our bathroom these days. I love when it's this clean!

I've been collecting quite a few soaps lately from Christmas gifts and such that I thought it would be cute to put them in an apothecary jar.  So far I've been enjoying seeing them and removing clutter by consolidating them in one spot.

One thing our bathroom was lacking (even with the frosted glass windows) was privacy. After removing the mini blinds a long time ago we've lived without privacy until now. I debated sewing up some cute curtains, but on a recent trip to Marshalls I scored a set of 84" linen panels with grommet openings on clearance and also a shower curtain rod on clearance.  The rod was under $10 and the curtains for $15. I'm pretty sure I saved some dough buying these instead of making them.  I love when that happens.

I love the sheerness of the linen that allows light to shine through, but provides enough privacy that I don't feel like to have to hide in the shower anymore. :)

The reason why I chose a shower curtain rod as opposed to real curtain rods is two-fold.  First off, we have this nice window that jets out so it's easy to use a tension rod between the walls.  Secondly, there are no permanent holes in the wall that we would later have to patch.  Ok there were three reasons. The curtain rod has a nice width that fills the grommet holes nicely.

I'm thinking the choice to go with a soft linen with a soft vertical pattern was a wise one. They blend nicely with the dark gray cabinets so the cabinets feel less out of place. The vine pattern is soft and graphic at the same time.

What do you think about curtains in the bathroom. Yay or Nay?



Sarni said...

Yay! 'Cept that I would have dropped the bar down to the top of the window so the curtain hit the floor ( or hemmed them to the bottom edge of the window ledge.)

Peahen Pad said...

I think I like the idea to hem them to the bottom of the window sill. :) thanks for the tip! :)

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