Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Valentine's Cards

My children and I had fun making home made Valentine's cards over the weekend.  It was super simple and great bonding time.  And no we didn't purposefully match today, but aren't we cute in our matching chambray? :)

For our Valentine Cards we used:

  • Red Construction paper from our local craft store.
  • Heart Shaped Lollipops from Target
  • Various fun shaped scissors for a decorative edge on our hearts
  • Felt tip markers
  • Red or Pink Washi tape 
For the paper hearts, I made a template by free handing a heart onto a folded file folder since it was thicker and more durable. Then I traced about 35 hearts onto the paper and cut them out with my fun scissors.  My son is always so serious when he works on things! :)

I found that the more exaggerated or pronounced the design was on the scissors the better it looked on the paper. The best looking scissor designs on construction paper was the zigzag pattern.

My son was able to add the To/From section on the back of his cards with a purple marker.  He had fun going down the checklist of names and checking off each one as he went along.

These were the lollipops we chose from Target. They are nice because they are mostly flat and not too heavy, unlike the Blow Pops or similar.

We taped the lollipops right to the front over the message so they can read it once they take off the lollipop.

Originally I was writing my message so I had room to tape the lollipop without covering the words. But if I had do these over I would spread out the message more and also do a fancier print.  You always learn as you go with these things. :)  I'll just be happy if the kids enjoy them and can read my sloppy print. 

Joe surprised me with some cute flowers from Trader Joe's.  They are red Cyclamen. They are going strong and have brought a lot of cheeriness to the kitchen.

Valentine's Day is in just four days. How do you celebrate with your family and kids? We are looking forward to spending the evening with our friends and their kids making pizza with the kids. I'll be sure to take lots of photos! ♥♥



Sarni said...

Happy Valentines to my Pea-group. I am Stuck on you :) oxoxooxoxo

Peahen Pad said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all the goodies. Kid's are getting their coloring pages and cards on Friday. :)

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