Monday, February 15, 2016

Our New home

After a whirlwind process of deciding whether to sell our home, we did it.  It was on the market for one day and the first person who saw it made us an offer. We had a plan with our realtor to show it to more people and have the open houses that were already planned, so it was a week of us living out of our car and then finally just leaving town for the weekend, but it was nice knowing that we got several back up offers. We could rest easy. We're sad to leave our beloved first home that we worked so hard on over the course of 8 years. But we were bursting at the seams with only 1,500 sq. ft. and three kids and 1 new puppy.   We made a few offers on other houses that we didn't get because we were outbid and one house that we went under contract with didn't work out because there were too many red flags on the inspection report.  With only about three weeks to be out or house, the decision was easy to buy a new ready made house that already had the finishes we were looking for and a move in a date that didn't leave us homeless for too long.

SO, here she is. Our new Craftsman style home.  She's 3,420 sq. feet (upgrade!) and over 12,000+ sq. feet of land.  She's pretty basic at the moment but there's a lot to already love. We can't wait to move in and start adding architectural details and furnishings. We're gonna take it slow, decorating one room at a time until we're done.  If we budget correctly we can hopefully finish in 2 years. I know decorating is never really "finished" in my eyes, but at least each room will be functional and fun.

Here are some pics for you! These are BEFORE pics. When we move in, I'll add more pics of each room from every angle.

Entry/Foyer, looking into the Study

The formal dining room.

The Great Room.

The Kitchen.

The mudroom

First Floor Guest Suite

First Floor Guest Bathroom.

Master Suite.

Master Bath.

Game Room.

Boy's room.

Girl's Room.

 Craft/Sewing Room.


Back of house.

Can't wait to share in this new adventure with you!


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Super nice! Well deserved.

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