Sunday, February 21, 2016

Painted night stand

I probably shouldn't go into stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore right before moving.  As if we didn't have enough to move, 3 full PODS of stuff, and I come home with 4 more things!  I couldn't help it.  I scored an old vintage credenza for $75. A cool shiny black and gold Media cabinet that I want to turn into a liquor cabinet for $85, a cool tall chair I can use to cut the kid's hair for $30, and lastly a vintage Hammary wooden end table for $25. Everything came home with me, (gotta love a minivan that can bring home huge pieces of furniture) and Joe's awesome friends helped put everything into the POD.  Except for the nightstand. I wanted to crank out one last painted piece before I hung my brushes to dry for the very last time at the old house.  BTW, we have one last week in our house.  We are crazy busy packing, retouching walls, filling holes, fixing trim we removed for furniture to fit snug against a wall, etc. etc! And right now I can hear Joe with his new Forstner Bit outside drilling out the inside of a huge Log from a tree we cut down a month ago so we can make a cool table out of it and it won't end up weighing 200 pounds. At least that's what it feels like.

So needless to say we are super busy! But here's the table I managed to do in a few days in between things.

Painted in Valspar's Gloss Cobalt Cannon. Inside the bottom drawer is stamped "Hammary." The beauty of this piece to me are the gold original caster wheels, and that pretty gold handle.  Originally thinking it would go in the boy's room, but it would also be great for the guest room. Not sure just where yet, but I think it will be great in just about any room.

Can't wait to show you more vintage furniture finds and how we will decorate our new house.



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