Wednesday, December 1, 2021

DIY outdoor Christmas arches

Here is a super easy DIY holiday craft.  Beautiful lit arches across your sidewalk or anywhere where you want to create a walk through.
Supply list includes:
Two 10' x 1/2" white PVC pipe
2 metal garden stakes (they come in green so get white spray paint to make it look seamless)
Two strands of white lights that you can connect end to end.
Clear zip ties in 4" and 11" length
One coupling bit in 1/2" to connect PVC pipes at top. (Found in plumbing aisle)
Once you have your supplies you can choose to spray your garden stakes and also the stamped letters on the PVC pipe for a cleaner look.. 
Next hammer your stakes into the ground using your mallet. Next attach the PVC pipe using your long 11" zip ties. Trim the excess. Connect both pipes at the top using your coupling bit.
Next wrap with lights and secure with 4" zip ties. 
Next enjoy the awesome and easy light display. I have a feeling the kids in the neighborhood will love cruising underneath on their scooters.

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY. 
Happy December!

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