Thursday, December 30, 2021

Garden Gates

It's the end of 2021!  I'm sure everyone is happy to be going out with the old and in with the new. Let's hope this winter brings a peaceful and restful time for all.  It's slow around here so I've been thinking about outdoor projects for the Spring.  One thing that is high on our to-do list is to fix our garden gate that encloses the side yard where we let our dogs out to use the bathroom.  Currently there is a small aluminum fence that creates a barrier from the side yard to the back yard.  We did this because it's important the dogs know where to use the bathroom and that they don't have free reign to destroy the entire backyard. Unfortunately the small gate that is currently there doesn't work anymore. The latch is broken and we've been using a bungee cord to hold it closed.  Now the bungee cord is breaking, and you get the idea.  We have a fence company coming out next week to quote us for a new gate so I have been researching different ones that I like, mainly using Pinterest.   I would like it to have a "Secret Garden" feeling to it because I am trying to create that entire feeling in our backyard.   So here are the ones I have been loving so far.

I love the Arbor above this gate and using Jasmine or an American Wisteria would definitely create a magical feeling in the backyard.

I just love how this gate is hidden in a type of Arborvitae and it looks sort of medieval with that latch and those window cut outs.

This gate looks like it was a DIY job by simply mounting an interior door onto a frame and adding the side parts.

This gate is my favorite. I love the round arch with the lantern hanging from it. I really like the dark stain as well and think this could work to hold the dogs in the side yard. Those path slate stones are wonderful too. I think we could create this look from the Stone Shop here in Durham.

This white gate looks so pretty set into the brick frame and flowers framing it.  Not sure the fence company does brick fences, I will have to ask! 

Can't wait to meet with the fencing company to see what ideas they can bring to life for us.   All of these images are saved to my Landscaping Board on Pinterest if you would like the resources.

Happy New Year! 🎆

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