Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

You delight us!  We love our Frasier Fir home grown in North Carolina. This one is from Lowes (our favorite weekend destination.) We were going to head to a pick and cut Christmas tree farm Sunday morning, but decided against it since we were going to drive and hour and a half Sunday afternoon to ride the New Hope Valley Railway Santa Train.  So off to Lowes we went to find the perfect tree. We decided to put our tree in the dining room this year, so it would be tucked in a corner, instead of in front of our big window.  There were many benefits of placing it here, including being out of the way of the three little kids, who have a lovely habit of getting quite destructive.  Another reason was that this room is only really used to eat, so the floor space in the living room wasn't going to be taken up by the tree.  Our kids mostly spend time in the living room, which can be gated off to this room, so little fingers can't pull the ornaments off when I'm not looking, or heaven forbid pull the entire tree over.

We love eating next to this beauty and the best part is, we can see it from the living room as well. Joe made some clippings from the bottom that I was able to put in vases and place in my bedroom and the living room so the whole house smells like Christmas. We still need to find a tree topper, since we're thinking the one from last year got donated because of it's awkwardness and inability to stay on top of the tree.  The hunt will begin for that!

I think the best part of our tree this year is the fact that we used all non-breakable ornaments and mostly vintage hand made ornaments from my Mom.  They have so much sentimental value for me.  The other ornaments that mostly fill the tree are silver snowflakes from Joe's childhood purchased by his Aunt Pam from the Metropolitan Museum Art in New York.  He has about 30 of them and each one is different.

Have you trimmed your tree yet? Any special ornaments going up?  Do you stick to the sentimental ones or ones that fit within a theme? Send us your photos of your tree and we'll showcase them on the ol' blog!


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