Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dish Rack

Grace Bonney from Design *Sponge inspired me to create a dish rack worthy of staying on the counter at all times. Our old dish rack was looking pretty grimey and rusty so when I was at Target today, I picked a new black dish rack and instead of buying one of those plastic mats that drain into the sink I bought instead a teal blue serving tray.

This serving tray is really practical when it comes to holding the water in and not spilling out everywhere. Our old draining style mat always seemed to drain underneath itself and end up underneath the mat creating quite the mold problem.

These cute Christmas plates are from Target also and are made of melamine. I scored them for 50% off so they came to .99 each.  They will be used as appetizer plates for the kids at our "Progressive" New Year's Eve party. And no, it's not a party for liberals only, hardy har har. It's a party where one family hosts appetizers (in which case this would be us this year) another family hosts the main course and another family hosts desserts.  So as the night "progresses" so do the people from house to house.  I think we'll have about 6 families, so hopefully I got enough plates for the kids. We're trying to "Go Green" by serving on non-disposable plates, etc. So these will come in handy for years to come.

I love how cute this tray looks holding my new dish rack. This was an easy upgrade and so clever don't you think?

Makes me just want to go in the kitchen right now and do some dishes. It's so great I have a "progressive" husband that already did them. I'm a lucky gal.



Sarni said...

That is a brilliant idea! I want one...

Anonymous said...

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