Thursday, December 1, 2011

The cutest little wreath

While shopping at one of my favorite stores (Target) I was perusing the Christmas aisles looking for stocking holders for the mantle. Our current ones aren't exactly kid or baby proof since they are silver letters that spell out "SANTA." Ever since I bought them about ten years ago I knew I wanted three kids to fill all those letters. But now that I have three kids running around, they get easily pulled down and can clonk someone on the head pretty good. So, I ended up buying some plastic hooks to stick to the top of the mantel to hold the stockings. I'm getting a little off subject here. I really wanted to talk about this little guy:


Isn't he adorable?? I couldn't resist those little fuzzy knitted balls in those irresistible colors. I love the solids mixed with those cute patterns. The red bow is made of felt.  Even though this is a tree ornament I found a spot on the wall in the entryway mixed in with framed Christmas prints. I'll be back with a post on the whole shebang later.  

This little modern-take on a snowflake ornament made of green felt and wood also found a spot on the wall.   I adore this muted lime green color and the light colored wood ties in with our wood floors.

These are probably the only two ornaments I will buy this year. We have a ton that we've collected over the years and that we've been gifted or inherited, so we have plenty for our tree. These guys were so too cute that they had to have a special place on the wall this year.  

Have you seen any cute ornaments in the stores this year? I have noticed lots of hand made looking ornaments that I would love to have, but like I said, we have lots already.  So we'll just appreciate what we have for now and smile every time we look at these two when we come home.


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