Monday, December 19, 2011

Octagonal mirror

When I found a huge octagonal mirror on Craigslist for $10 I knew I wanted it over my fireplace.  Originally it was practically falling out of a big silver frame, so we re-framed it with trim pieces. Here is the after photo once we hung it. You can read more about how we painted our brick fire place here.  

We immediately took off the old frame, which is now somewhere in our attic in case we ever want to sell or salvage it. Then we went to Lowe's to pick up some mirror mounting clips and find some trim that would work as a frame. We bought 2 pieces of 8' pine trim for around $10 a piece. Only one style had an inset on the underside to allow it to sit against the mirror on the inner edge, while being flush with the wall.

After mounting the mirror using the flush mirror clips, we cut each piece of trim at a 22.5 degree angle using a miter box, cut so that the outer edge of the groove was 1/4" longer than the length of each edge of the mirror. We then dug out little grooves on the underside of the trim pieces that sat at the top and bottom to make space for the mirror mounts, again to make it sit more flush.

Each piece was painted with one coat of interior latex paint (I usually use oil based primer for things that are already painted or stained, but for untreated wood, latex works just fine.) Then I applied 2 coats of Interior Latex white paint and 2 coats of spray satin finish sealer.

Once all the pieces were dry, Joe glued them to the mirror using some clear strong glue, adjusted them, and secured them in place with painter's tape. After the glue dried, he filled the seams with white caulk and painted the seams. Done!

We love our new mirror and how it makes the room seem larger due to the reflection.  We also love the white frame with the white fireplace and how it breaks up all the dark wall color.  

I have an idea of what to add to either side of this mirror in a post for ya' tomorrow.  

Hope you had a great weekend!



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