Monday, January 9, 2012

Candle Sticks

I can't help it. I'm obsessed with painting things! Ack. It's a sickness. Here are two candle sticks I found at the Goodwill a while ago for $3.98 total. They were begging to be painted, no really they were. You can't really tell from this pic, but they are yellow with pink flowers. They didn't really go with my decor, and these pics are making them look better than they were. Go figure.

I cleaned them up with some water and vinegar and then sanded them lightly to rough up the finish. I then sprayed them with Valspar's gray primer.

I spray painted them with Valspar's glossy white spray paint. Here they are on the mantle, but they will probably travel around the house until I find a semi-permanent location for them. I also need to buy some taper candles to put in them. Ah, what a quick and easy project anyone can do at home. Have you painted anything lately?


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