Friday, January 6, 2012

Binder Organization, Part Deux

After looking at the 4 binders up in the bookshelf, I decided that having them match was the best thing. So off to Michaels I went to look for scrap book paper that would hide the smidgen of ink and look good too.  I decided on this leopard print fuzzy paper.

I just needed two sheets of the paper and the little hearts were cut out of teal paper I already had.


I drew the heart free hand with a pencil and cut it out. Then I used that as a template to cut out five more hearts.  I wrote the contents of the binders on the hearts with a gold metallic pen.

I think leopard print is so chic! It's a neutral in my opinion and really dresses up these binders and no matter how many times I change other things, these binders will "go" with anything.

Now I can enjoy the new binders and all the storage space they provide without being sloppy.

Happy Friday!!


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