Friday, January 20, 2012

Organization: Cord Cover

After our dresser makeover, it was hard not to think about what to do with all these cords coming out of the TV. 

They are not very attractive to look at. I saw lots of examples of cord covers online, but truthfully, they were kind of boring, and not free. I always try to choose the free option or work with what I've got option.

Here is one created with a PVC pipe:

Here is one created with a metal strip:

This one is kinda cute in a velvet fabric.


My oldest son CAP had this tube in the back seat of our car, which was actually part of a bigger craft he made called a "jet pack." He so kindly offered it up to me to use for this cord project. He had another jet pack in the car and said he could make more. Isn't he sweet?  This tube was pretty thick, thicker than a paper towel roll. So it seemed like it could work for this idea I had.

I got out my scissors and cut it down the middle so it was in two equal parts. I decided I would paint first with Folk Art Silver paint with a paint brush.

 I used two coats since one didn't cover the cardboard completely.

I next added blue dots with a round sponge in calypso blue from an old project. I didn't photograph this step, sorry.

Next I used some velcro to attach it to wall. I put the fuzzy side on the wall and the hook and loop part on the tube. I put strips on each end of the tube.

Next I gathered the cords and placed the tube over them so they were hiding behind.

Isn't he cute?  This was the easiest project, plus it was free. Gotta love that.

I love those little polka dots peaking out from above the DVD player. It's so cute compared to a plain strip. Originally I had planned to make it more hidden, but giving it this little pop of color and pattern is fun.

Before you recycle that cardboard tube, maybe you can find something useful for it. :) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 



Sarni said...

Nanny will be proud - she never threw away a toilet paper roll (as an example) - I think paper towels were after her time!

Smith Harry said...

Yeah......i really like this type cover because this cover increase beauty of product that,s why i like it.
cord covers

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