Tuesday, February 12, 2013

File organization

It's tax time and I know everyone is starting to organize their files for the upcoming season. Here at our house this prompted a whole file organization party.  I was kinda tired of seeing this basket with papers stuffed in it in our living room. It sits right out in the open on the bottom shelf of our built-ins so all eyes can see it. 

So I found these cute file folders that are ecologically friendly at Target for around $5.99 for 12.

They came with labels and instructions for downloading a template to use with them. It was super easy to download and get right to labeling.

Ah, so much better! Now I can find all of my paperwork. Each family member has a file for random things, there's one for housing info, old college stuff, retirement stuff, benefits info, etc.  Before I couldn't find what I was looking for and now everything is so easy. And I love the cute modern girly vines.

Here's how the basket looks from up high.

An overall view of my "filing system."

Originally I was planning on using Nate Berkus's line of file folders in Navy blue and Gold, but I'm glad I decided to add a little happy color to my basket.

My built-in's are looking so organized these days. And that makes me happy.


p.s. anybody doing anything special for Mardi Gras tonight?  I'm stuck watching the kids, but I'll be pigging out with them that's for sure!

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