Thursday, February 28, 2013

Painting trim

So we ended up sort of taking over our kitchen remodel. Things were moving along WAY too slowly and we figured we could do the easy stuff like painting the trim in our kitchen, eat-in-kitchen, dining room, and hallway ourselves.  In fact we could have done most everything ourselves, but since we had a flood, insurance covered all of it.  Let me just say, painting trim is tedious, and very awkward. See exhibit A. 

My hips hurt, my rib cage, my elbows. It was painful, but worth doing it myself.

Even though it hurt and it was tedious, I was still in good spirits. Saving money makes me feel good.

The paint in my hair is a given. I pretty much get it everywhere.  For the low down on how to paint trim, here are the steps:
1) Caulk any gaps between the quarter round and the trim. Use white latex caulk and your finger to run a line down the seams and to fill the nail holes that happen from the nail gun.
2) Allow time for the caulk to dry and sand any flaws.
3)  Apply two coats of high gloss or semi-gloss paint with an angled brush.  Taping off the flooring is a smart idea, but I skip this part because I'd rather not deal with tape.

It's looking pretty good and I'm almost done. Just have the hallway left and we're done!

This weekend we're going to tackle the back splash tile so stay tuned!


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