Friday, February 15, 2013

New kitchen counters

Our new kitchen counters arrived this week.  It's no surprise I ordered the exact same ones I had before since it took so long to pick them out the first time.  Did I mention the old counters were damaged when they were left on the front porch and then it rained? Even though they were covered up with a tarp, the counters sucked up the humidity in the air and they swelled up.  

So we waited two weeks to get our new counters and they were installed on Wednesday. The installer did a great job lining up the seams and caulking around the edges.

Funny story about our kitchen sink though.  When the plumber came to hook it back up he noticed it was bent on one side and it didn't sit flush with the counters. So now we're getting a new kitchen sink too.  I wonder just how many mistakes workers can make and insurance will pay for? It's mind boggling to me.  There have been careless mistakes, like yanking our oven out too hard and breaking the handle.   Sometimes I think people would be more gentle if it were their own house.  Oh well.  We're getting a new sink, hopefully today. I'll keep you posted!  

We can't get to the back splash until early in March (due to some work things that have come up for hubby) so Total after shots won't happen until then. But we can't wait for it all to be finished.

In case you're wondering these counters are by Formica in Flint Crystal Etchings with rounded edges.

A close up of the pattern.

Isn't this shot cute? Just in time for Valentine's Day, a heart reflection.  ♥

So glad to have our kitchen back in working order for now.  All that's left is caulking the nail holes on the quarter round, painting the quarter round and trim, tiling the back splash, and getting a new sink.  

Have a great weekend!!



Sarah said...

This is the countertop I'm looking to get for our kitchen. Are you still happy with it? Is the white in the patter as white as your cabinets?Does there seem to be a lot of contrast in the pattern or is it muted? Pure black, pure white & grays? Thanks.

Sarah said...

A few more questions? does it scratch? Show water marks? Anything else?

Peahen Pad said...

We have been very happy with it. The colors are not muted or blurred together. It doesn't have any scratches, water marks, or any water damage. It is really a hardy and affordable countertop. I highly recommend it. Thanks for asking.

Tess said...

I'm thinking about ordering the Flint Crystal countertop for my bathroom. I curious if the color is closer to black or a dark blue. The sample I got at the store is hard to tell.

Tess said...

I'm thinking about ordering the Flint Crystal color but unsure if it black or a dark blue. the samples are so small it is hard to tell. My bathroom has a blue/green theme with white tiles.

Peahen Pad said...

Tess- The color really looks great, definitely not any bluish tones.

Unknown said...

Hello, where did you order the countertops from?

Peahen Pad said...

The Countertops are from Lowes

jhon said...

my grandkids and S-I-L and daughter Kammy, we decided to give it a try. She chose gray as the main color since her cabinets were painted white on the tops and black on the bottoms. DIY granite for home

The Countertop Shop said...

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