Friday, February 22, 2013

Picture magnets

Here's a fun craft you can make on a rainy day with your kids. Family picture magnets! Your kids will love seeing their faces behind pretty stones.

For fun picture magnets, you'll need the following. All of these things can be purchased at your local craft store.

1) Super Tacky Craft glue
2) Clear glass stones
3) Round Magnets
4) Your favorite pictures
5) scissors 
6) pencil

The first step is to find pictures of your kids that you like and place a stone over the area that you want to cut out. Next trace around the stone with your pencil and then cut out the picture just inside the traced line.

Next place the tiniest drop of the craft glue on the bottom side of the stone and place your picture there.

Next place a tiny drop of glue on the magnet and press it down on the back of the picture.

They need to dry for at least two days like this so they are nice and attached.

That's it! Super easy and super cute on the fridge. These would make great gifts too.

Happy Crafting!


Sarni said...

How did I miss this? Very cute!

Sarni said...

How did I miss this? Very cute!

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