Thursday, May 30, 2013

Removing Carpet from Bedroom

Yup, it's how we spent our Memorial Day weekend.  As you probably already know we are replacing all of the flooring in our house with new flooring to match the rest of the house.  Here is the carpet in our master bedroom once we removed the bed. 

We spent Friday night packing everything up and storing most of our stuff in the Master Bathroom. Funny that showers provide a massive amount of storage space for things like dresser drawers.  Shoulda took a picture of that.  So needless to say, we shared the kid's bathroom over the holiday weekend which was kinda like being on vacation.  

We left the big dressers and vanity in the room because there was just no place to put them and we figured we could move them from side to side as needed to put down the flooring.

Joe actually managed to rip up all of the carpet and rug on Friday night and begin the tedious process of removing all of the nails and trim boards.  This took a great deal of time and he didn't finish up that task until Saturday morning.  Lucky for us the subfloor was nice and flat for installing the new flooring.  Sometimes you run the risk of having to replace subfloor if there is warping or bumps.

We put our bed in the living room for the weekend, so it was kind of like camping out.  The kids were having way too much fun with this idea.

I had to snap a picture of my man in action. Here he is with the carpet removed and taking up the nail trim on the edges of the floor.

It took his all day on Saturday and most of Sunday to put the new floors down (Kronotex, The Wilmington Collection in Jasper Oak for any one interested.)

By Sunday night everyone was pooped.  I couldn't help snapping a pic of this.

And by Monday morning (Memorial Day) things were looking like this.  We were both doing the happy dance at this point. What a world of difference!

On Monday we swept up all the dust that had settled and Joe caulked around all the quarter round. We let that dry for several hours and by the afternoon we were taping off the floor and above the trim to paint. I did the honors of painting all the white trim around the edges and in the closet.

By Monday night we were able to start putting everything back in the room.  See that cute little purse under the vanity? That's my answer to cord clutter. Do you have cord clutter tricks up your sleeve?

We can't wait to show you the finished room.  Soon!


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