Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Grey Felt storage bins

We're getting ready to fill the boy's new bookcase with storage, so here's a post on making some DIY Grey Felt Storage bins.  These felt storage bins are very popular right now at stores like West Elm and Crate and Barrel. Here's how you can get a similar solution for a fraction of the cost.  First you'll need some felt. Any fabric store sells it by the bolt.  I bought about 2 and half yards from Joann's  fabrics for $5 per yard and will make about 4 bins. You can make more with this amount of fabric since I had a lot left over.  I didn't pre-wash it since these will never be washed in the washing machine.  The first thing I did was cut them into 10" squares using my rotary mat and rotary cutter with a yard stick.

Next I made a solution of water and fabric stiffener in a bowl and used a 2" painter's brush to coat them with the glue.  

Then I laid all of my pieces on parchment paper and put them outside to dry for 24 hours.  They were nice and stiff the next day.

Next I used my sewing machine to sew 4 sides together.

Then I sewed the bottom on by attaching to all four side pieces.

Then I flipped the whole thing inside out so the seams were on the inside. However it looks cute with the seams on the outside too, just make sure your seams are perfect or use the same color thread. My thread was white, so I wanted my seams on the inside.  Next I folded down the top for more support and added design and then top stitched around the whole top.

Clearly I need to work on straighter stitches!

Here's a view from the inside.

I have finished two bins and plan to make two more. I'm trying my hand at some fabric liners for the last two so stay tuned to see how those turn out. :)


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wow - clever idea!

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