Monday, May 20, 2013

Under Bed Storage

When we got rid of our son's laminate bed for their new red beds we knew we wanted to keep the drawers that came with it and reuse them as under bed storage.  They were well built and provided enough storage for all his clothes.  The drawers were big and low enough to fit under the new bed with a few tweaks of course.

The drawers sat in our bedroom for a few weeks while we worked on other projects, like the new flooring so we were happy to get them under the beds.

We had to bust out the ol' saw and saw down the top and side overhangs.  But sawing down laminate left the sides pretty bumpy and splintery.  So we took the easy route and wrapped the tops and sides with black duct tape. That stuff works miracles.

We purchased four caster wheels from Lowes and screwed them from the top down into the bottom.  We capped them off with nuts on the underside so the screws weren't sticking out. The drawer slides on the sides also got taken off since they weren't needed anymore.

The finishing touch was adding old kitchen cabinet knobs to the front so the boys could easily pull them out without pinching their little fingers.

And oh my, don't mind the unmade bed! My son usually makes his bed, but I think his room has been in disarray for a few weeks now.  I'm so glad we were able to save these drawers and reuse them.

There we go. Made bed.  I love how the storage drawers stay kind of hidden. I also love how they stop toys from hiding under the bed. Bonus feature! :)

Hope you're having a good week.  I'm looking forward to spending my birthday tomorrow with my family and seeing what my husband has up his sleeves. He asked for a sewing needle the other day so this ought to be interesting.


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