Wednesday, May 22, 2013

35th Birthday

I had a low-key but very sweet 35th birthday this year.  Here are some highlights from my day. It started out waking up to a balloon bouquet at the table. In very pretty colors I might add.  

Presents were centered at the table. The purple stash were all from my wonderful Mom and the green polka dot presents from my husband and kids.

The mantel was adorned with our "Happy Birthday" sign.

And before heading off to the gym I got my kids to pose with me for a quick picture. Here is my sweet E. Claire as I like to call her on the internet.  We call her by her first name at home.

Someone forgot to put on pants in the morning and thankfully it wasn't me.

When the evening arrived we all drove to pick up my husband from work and enjoyed a nice family dinner at a local restaurant.  Then we came home and opened presents and had cake.  Here are some of the gift opening highlights.  First a very thoughtful and funny card from Joe.

All the kids were excited to help me open my gifts.

I got very pretty and cozy P.J.'s from my Mom. I wore them to bed last night and slept soundly like a baby.

Had to give a quick smile. I really was enjoying all the thoughtfulness of the gifts.

Very fitting that my Mom also got me a Peacock storage book and a pretty Peacock frame. Can't wait to find a picture for it.  There were also some very cute dinner napkins. I love simple gifts like that.

And a very clever slim storage bag. Maybe I'll put jewelry and perhaps hair accessories in it?

My first gift from Joe were some new earphones. Mine are about to break and I use them all the time at the gym.  He also got me new headbands (the kids have snapped nearly all of them in half.)

And here's where I was blown away by the thoughtfulness from Joe.  He went to my Pinterest DIY board and came up with the idea to make me some hair pins! This is when he needed thread so he could sew thread through those buttons. He hot glued the little gems, buttons, and pretty charms on the hair pins.  How clever and very sweet.

And then was blown away again by the thoughtfulness of this gift.  A silhouette portrait of all three of our kids. He said he made it in Illustrator and then had it printed on photo paper at Walgreens.

He chose a simple and mellow background.  How cool is that?   I'll have to think of somewhere fun to hang it.  That was so very thoughtful of him to make me gifts from my Pinterest board.

Lastly we celebrated with cake.  I want to say the kids helped make the cake, but it's not the case.  Joe tried his hardest, but one small step forgotten was the culprit of the collapsing cake and that was buttering and flouring the pans. Oh well, it still tasted great!  And other great gifts included a home made puzzle and coloring pages from CAP.

Thank you to everyone, especially my Mom, Joe, and the kids for making my day special!


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