Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coral Bed Side Table

Little by little I'm working on making my daughter's room a "big girl" room. She will be three in September, but already I feel like she's worthy of an upgrade from her nursery. Either that, or she's getting new floors so I feel like it's the perfect time to change things up a bit.  I've chosen Navy Blue and Coral as her main colors for her room.  Now that it's summer time and these colors are everywhere it's a little bit easier to do.  I'm leaving her walls blue, since it's a nice backdrop to these beachy summer colors.  

I'm really inspired by these two images:

To get started, I'm giving her the extra bed side table that was stored in our attic. The other one that matches is in our bedroom, but I may give her both depending on how it's going to look with a small toddler bed in between.  These tables used to be brown once upon a time, but they were painted white.  

I did my usual furniture makeover routine, of cleaning and sanding before painting. This time, since it's already painted I skipped the priming part.  I did the painting outside, but rain was in the forecast so I brought it inside to dry.

I'm in love with this new color!  It's called "Safflower" by Olympic One in Flat with three coats of Clear Gloss Minwax Polycrylic over the top.

What a fun pop of color this is going to be in her "new" room.

Just for fun, I added some cute wrapping paper in the same color scheme on the inside of the drawers.  I used clear tape to hold it down.

The bottom drawer got cute glitter duct tape around the inside edges.

E.claire making good use of the drawers pretending they are baby beds.  :)  I think she likes it.

Can't wait to show you how the room evolves, right now it's pretty disorganized in there.  Stay tuned!


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