Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Toy Storage turned Shoe Storage

Every parent has probably owned one of these type of toy storage bins.  They are very useful for holding lots of small toys for little ones, but eventually you realize (or at least I did) that they become quite the eye sore.  That's when we opted for big storage bins in a bookcase. Instead of selling this and buying a shoe storage container, I decided to transform this toy storage into very functional shoe storage!

If you didn't notice, I am missing some of the bins so I'm on the hunt for more, but in the meantime I spray painted the smaller ones pink and the larger ones gold (paint we already had on hand so this was a free project.)   Both paints had primer in them so I skipped that step.

Now I have tons of shoe storage in my closet and nothing is on the ground. Love it!

It's looks very organized in the closet.  Now if only I can find one more large bin and three small ones I'll be very happy.

Have you turned toy storage into adult storage?  Do tell!


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