Friday, June 14, 2013

E.'s closet makeover

I had a little fun in the closet last weekend.  That sounds so weird!  We finished installing the last of the flooring in our daughter's room which completes 970 square feet of flooring for Joe to install himself. More pics to come of that. In the meantime, I spruced up E.claire's closet a bit.   It's now looking like this. 

I took down both of the doors and the hinges, which really opened things up a lot! It feels like we gained 50 extra feet of space!  

The inside of the closet was beige with beige trim, but I painted the inside the same as her wall color to help keep the flow going.  But I added some cute gold sponge painted gold polka dots.  To keep the spacing correct I used a greeting card as my guide.  I pretty much eye-balled it, so it's not perfect. Then I painted the trim white.  The trim by the rod got a coat of paint the same color as her bed side table.  I took out the closet bar and painted that blue.

I found this cute linen lamp shade at Lowes that I was able to use with my cord kit that she had hanging in her room a while ago.  The closet definitely needed lighting, so this was my answer.

Just for fun, here is what the closet looked like when I decided it desperately needed help.


And today it's looking like this.


I've since added a curtain rod on the outside of the closet and I plan to make some curtains that will hang so that she can close them if she wants to hide a mess and to give the closet a finished look.  I'm still searching for that perfect fabric to compliment the rest of the bedroom.  We still have a ways to go before her room is finished.  We still have to find or make a bed for her, find a rug, hang her curtains on the window that I made, find a bed side table lamp, and a few other last minute things.  So stay tuned for the whole bedroom makeover soon!

Have a great weekend,


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