Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Toddler Duvet

I've been sewing up a few projects for my daughter's room since she's getting new floors and we're redecorating in there a bit.  You can see a sneak preview of her floors in the first pic. I'll be sure to take before and after pics of her whole room soon.  One of the first things I wanted to try was a toddler duvet.  It's a simple DIY project.  The link to the tutorial is below and comes from the website The Sewing Rabbit

Her new room colors include Navy and Coral and I couldn't help but fall in love with this white ruffled fabric from Joann's. It's so sweet and charming.  I used that for the top side and I found an adorable Navy and white polka dot fabric for the bottom side.  

Pardon the fact that she doesn't have a bed, just a mattress on the floor for now. We're in the process of brain storming ideas for a DIY toddler bed. Hopefully she'll be up off the floor in no time.  I found the blue and white pillow from Marshalls, but it's from Ralph Lauren. The bottom pillow was sewn by me. Here is a link to the pillow in case you're wondering how to make it.

So I didn't know how to make the button holes, since I've never done that. It was by far the hardest part and took me several tries before figuring it out. I had to resort to watching Youtube videos on making button holes since I couldn't find my sewing machine manual. 

It was fun once I figured it out and an "Ah-ha" moment when I realized I needed to put that button hole arm down on my machine!  Without that I kept bunching up my bobbin and actually broke a sewing needle.  So now I know how to change the needle. Boy, my sewing machine are becoming the best of friends!

I used 5 vintage buttons from a button jar I have in my house from my Grandma's sewing notions. Glad I keep this stuff handy.  Sure beats having to go buy new ones. They give the duvet so much more charm too.

Just an FIY if you're looking for a toddler duvet comforter insert, they sell them at Overstock and also at The Land of Nod.  Or you can simply stuff it with an old comforter, the one you got for your baby that you couldn't use in the crib. :)

For the detailed tutorial click here.  


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