Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Halloween is going to soar in on bat's wings this year thanks to my new cut out bats.  I had the same thing last year, but this year my bats are even better.  Last year the bats were cut from black construction paper. This year, I got smart and made them with thick scrap book paper. Luckily I had black scrap book paper with glittered spider webs and some that were gray and black striped.  Perfect for my bat template.

I was able to get 22 bats from four pieces of scrap book paper!  I simply cut out my bat template and traced them onto the back sides of the scrap book paper and cut them out.  I used double sided scotch tape to the back to adhere them to the glass. I always like to add one piece of tape to the back underneath another piece so I can easily remove my tape and not rip the paper at the end of the month. I can reuse them that way. 

I was able to get two different size bats which make them look a bit more interesting.  And one tid bit of information, the back sides of the bats were white, but I didn't want white bats in the window, so I used some left over oil rubbed bronze spray paint and laid them on a big piece of wood in the backyard and coated them with several coats of paint.  Now the pattern is on the inside of the house and the dark side is facing out.  I wasn't sure how this would work, but on the can it says the paint can be used for crafts. I'm glad I tried it because it also gave my bats more sturdiness.

We got a big rain storm yesterday, so I'm happy these guys are taped to the inside of the windows.  And now we have lots of clean up. I really want to show you guys our new front door which is now finished, except for our wreath hook. Hopefully tonight Joe can put it on for me so I can take pics for you.  The fall weather has arrived in NC, perfect for wearing sweaters and boots.  And I made my first batch of lentil and barley soup yesterday and some home made cookies. With the pumpkin candle lit too it really feels great around here.   How do you celebrate the changing seasons?


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