Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween decorating

We've started the Halloween decorating, but we're only just beginning!  It's a scary site so come on inside for some Halloween fright! 

The Halloween garland I purchased from Home Goods last year adorns our kid's art hanging area. They don't mind seeing these cute pumpkins, haunted houses, ghosts and goblins hanging there.

In our kitchen we have on display our many figures from Tim Burton's "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and other stories." Above the sink hangs the vintage Halloween banner from Home Goods.

Every year we hang our Trick or Treat advent calendar. Can you call it an Advent Calendar? I guess we can just call it our "Count down to Halloween Calendar" for all intents and purposes. The kids love finding three little candy corns in each pocket every day.

When I receive a Halloween card I save it and it goes on this wall in our craft room. There are some childhood Halloween photos thrown in there too.

The bookshelf in our living room has our "BOO" candle holder. He's looking more cute than frightful.

This ghost candle holder is looking rather cute as well. Perhaps we need a more frightening Halloween theme around here.

I love this big sparkly cob web. I can't remember where I found it but it goes great over this vintage gold and black frame with modern art behind it. The colors are haunting.

My china cabinet is slowly but surely being filled with Halloween china and other goodies.  Right before I took this pic my Mom and Dad sent four skeleton wine glasses. Maybe next year they will be in the photo. I also discovered a Bride of Frankenstein nut cracker up in the attic along with a whole bin of stuff I bought last year that I forgot about! Someone stop me.

I love my little black and green owl mug and my Halloween bowl from years ago that my Mom got me.

It's wouldn't be right if I didn't have a little ode to Tim Burton somewhere in the house (besides my doll's in the kitchen.) Last year it was in the bathroom, this year it's the china cabinet.

It's this monster cupcake so cute? Again, perhaps I need to be a bit more scary for Halloween?

And of course our Fireplace Mantel gets tricked out.  Most of these things I've collected over the years, but  I try to coordinate just a little. My daughter is holding her black cat she's been dragging around for days. She even put a leash on it!

I can't wait to show you the project we worked on over the weekend!  Hopefully tomorrow I can get that blog post up.

How is your Halloween house shaping up?


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