Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dining Room Makeover

After living with a pink dining room for a while (all our doing) we decided it was time we blend the formal dining room in with the hallway and make it a neutral color. We chose Valspar's Blizzard Fog in an Interior Satin Latex.  We had just finished putting the flooring in (more on that later) so it seemed like a good time to update the room.

The pink color wasn't too bad, but it definitely made it hard come holiday decorating time, when I was limited by the pink pallet. Kind of hard to use green and red for Christmas. Although Easter decorating was a breeze with the pastel colors. So it was limiting indeed for certain times of the year.

Just a reminder of what the dining room looked like when we closed on the house:

One afternoon, while baby girl slept and Joe was out with the boys, I started taping off the edges with blue painter's tape. I laid down my drop cloth, and grabbed my edge paint brush and starting cutting in around the edges of the trim.   At this point the big wall unit was outside because I was working on it's makeover seen here.  So all the walls were free from furniture and art and that makes it sooo much easier to paint.

It went pretty smoothly, and only four hours later I was done.  I used a fillable roller brush with a long handle attached so I could roll quickly and without a ladder and no need to constantly dip the roller into a pan. It's sort of like the one seen here at Sears.

Notice these old oak chairs. They weren't holding up so well. All but one of them had broken caning. Several had wood parts that were breaking, so we decided it was cheaper to buy Queen Anne Chairs from craiglist for now. You can see their makeover here.

Here's the view of our Target damask curtains. They are still there, but we have since added sheers.

We think our new dining room color is so much more cheery and versatile than the pink. We can really liven up the space with fresh flowers or candles and we think it will also be an acceptable choice to future owners of our home. 

Have you ever painted your room a daring color like pink? Did you love it, or find it limiting? I'm really learning as we go, that if I want a bold color to use it in things that can be easily changed, like throw pillow or curtains, and not wall color.  C'est la vie.


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