Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thrift store mirror

On one of my trips to the Goodwill I scored this pretty mirror for $15. It was gold when I bought it but I saw the potential in all of that carved glory.  I really apologize I don't have a before picture.  But here it is after:

I was originally going to paint it a light turquoise color, but I ended up painting it this color instead.  I first gave it a good cleaning because it needed it! Then I put newspaper over the glass and taped it down around the edges using painter's tape.  I then sprayed it with primer.  Once it dried, I spray painted it that turquoise color, but ended up not liking it. It would have been cute in a little girl's room, but just not in my room.  So I ended up brush painting it with interior latex paint called Intercoastal gray by Valspar. It was left over from another project.

I've always been obsessed with gray, so anything I can turn gray I will. LOL.  What do you think?


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