Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Breakfast Room - an Actual Breakfast Room!

As you may recall in our old house our little breakfast area was turned into a craft room since the kids mostly sat in there and did arts and crafts anyway. Now that we have a dedicated arts and crafts room in our new home, we now have a wonderful place to sit and eat breakfast. Mostly Joe and I sit here and enjoy Saturday and Sunday mornings together while the kids scarf  down  enjoy their food at the kitchen island.

I scored these black velvet chairs used at Habitat for Humanity, get this, for $7 each! They were having a 75% off sale the day I went in. I cleaned the fabric and used metal polish to polish the metal. In fact, I furnished this entire room from that store!  I should be their spokesperson.

The table was originally brown and I painted it white. The rug is from Target and so is the black and white lamp.

You may recall that this credenza was brown and I got a lot of compliments on leaving it as is. But I couldn't help myself! I had left over chalk paint from the shoe storage unit I painted and again I couldn't help myself. The chalk paint is so fun! No primer needed.  I used the wax sealer on top though to protect it. I love how the little gold feet stand out.

My white fur pillow was a birthday gift from Joe. What great taste he has! I have to add that this table was about $40!

My 1st grader made this little floral wreath on his last day of school. Isn't it so cute? Great little place to dry flowers too.  You can see from my last post with the gallery wall that I changed things up in here. I added new art from Pinterest to some of the frames and found that middle piece frame from Home Goods.

I love that I managed to pull off a shiny black cabinet (also a Restore find for around $60) with gold knobs and so much gold and silver on the table and chairs. Happy accident.

I can't forget to tell you about the white linen Belgium curtains.  I sewed these two panels in a few hours and used Bed, Bath, and Beyond "Umbra" Brass curtain rods and rings. Joe so kindly hung the rods for me. I need another set of curtains for the sliding glass door, but I want to wait until I get some inspiration for them. Maybe I'll make another set of white, or maybe try some pattern. It's funny how I like to leave one set of curtains off in each room, or so it seems.

I also found this cute "Texas" plate at Habitat for Humanity. Black and gold, it must be my thing now.

Joe has managed to fill the liquor cabinet a little. He has to enjoy himself a little between all the home projects.  The blue Heig Club bottle was a gift from me for his birthday in April.

See those cute gold and clear globes in the kitchen? I'm still deciding on whether to keep them or get something more substantial. I think I want bigger pendants and I want to put these elsewhere.

So things left to do in here:
1) Add Crown Molding
2) Find or make curtains for above sliding glass doors


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Lovely Breakfast/tea room :)

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