Monday, June 6, 2016

Craft Room Update!

Things kicked off in the craft room with new flooring and then progressed when I scored three brand new kitchen cabinets from the Restore. You read that right. Brand New! I had to have them when I first laid eyes on them. At $40 each they were a great find. They really prompted the whole idea of a work space in this room and turned it into a craft room. 

So after Joe knocked out the flooring probably over a month ago we laid out the cabinets where we wanted them and where they'd make the most sense. We came up with the idea of wrapping them around one corner and using two whole walls as work top space.  And then ideally have three stools for the kids to work on projects if their hearts desired.  In this corner now is my sewing machine and all of my sewing supplies fill one of these cabinets.

We built the workspace out of new wood that was stained gray and coated with Polyurethane for durability.  Joe cut all the pieces to size to fit like a puzzle at the corners.  The room also got a new light fixture by Lane Furniture in a cool copper wire cage.

There is plenty of space for crafts, art work etc.

I found the jars at Home Goods to store all of my rubber stamps.

In this Corner is the hutch my Grandfather built and my Grandmother painted. It's a great craft supply storage unit.

I repurposed old canning jars into craft supply storage. 

Having the old metal pencil sharpener hang in this room made a lot of sense.  It's great for the kids to sharpen their colored pencils.

 Another view of the great workspace.

Joe added knobs to the kitchen cabinets that the builder left at our house. Guess they thought we may need extra some day. Joe also wrapped the floor moldings around the bottom of the cabinets so they are built-in.

I found this cute Washi tape dispenser at Marshalls.

Our two fabric pin boards that used to hang in our eat-in-kitchen turned out to be a good fit for this room. We can hang inspirations and little art projects on it.

And here's the Wrapping paper rack I shared with you yesterday.  My own dedicated wrapping space is so awesome to have!

For a little more info on this  DIY wrapping paper rack see yesterday's post.

Two picture frame wires were mounted on the wall for the kid's artwork to be displayed.  Little pink clothespins were used for hanging the art.

This is the old kitchen table turned kid's craft table that we had in our old house.  We think the kid's may now be getting a little big for it. So when we have some time we'd like to build a center island in this room for more work space. That will be a fun project don't you think?

This room has a walk-in closet so it can store quite a lot.  Right now, we installed our old Ikea shoe rack in it to use for gift wrapping supplies. The clothing rack is a great way to hang shopping bags.

I found this old black chest at a consignment shop years ago. I thought it was cute to hold all of my Christmas wrapping paper.  See that cutting mat?  I think having a middle island in the craft room will mean I can cut fabric on it instead of the floor. Yay.

So three full rooms practically done! Woohoo. Three months in. I'd say we're 20% done with the whole house, so a long way still. Tomorrow the hallways, loft and down the stairs is getting painted. And hopefully I share some pics of that..and guess what? The Master Bedroom is just about done! We have been busy bees around here.

Have a great week!! It's summer break around here for the kids, so things will slow down a bit and we'll squeeze in projects when we can.


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