Sunday, June 26, 2016

Housewarming Party

We're kinda sorta settled into our new home and wanted to finally relax and celebrate the new digs. It's been almost four months since we moved in so it was time. Boxes are unpacked, most rooms settled. There's still tons to do in my opinion, but we can finally take a much needed break.   Our party was last night and it was so much fun!  We had tons of great food, Veggie trays, fruit trays, cheese and crackers, Italian sausages, Turkey meatballs and Mini cheese pizzas. I made 50 Champagne Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert. The kids enjoyed fresh popcorn as a snack with juice boxes. 

We had a nice lady come and help prep the food for us. She's in the background making the cheese tray.  I found the cutest paper plates at Target that were white with black and white polka dots by "Cheeky."

The drink station area was filled with White and Red wine, a Wine Spritzer (made with equal parts Moscato wine, Sprite, and Frozen Pink Lemonade) and there was beer/water/juice boxes/diet drinks in metal buckets on the ground.

The dessert area with more cute paper plates from "Cheeky," pink and mint Anchor napkins, and all the cupcakes and cookies.

I found old timey Lemon and Cola Lolly Pops from Home Goods and thought the kids would enjoy these.

More drinks on the ground, beer, water, and juice mostly.

The popcorn for the kids. The idea was if they got bored they could all bring some popcorn upstairs and watch a movie. I think my kid was the only one that grabbed a bag around 8 and put on Spongebob.

My oldest son hand knitted some long garland for the mantle and we made little gold pom poms for either end of the mantle.

I found lots of flowers at the grocery store. Nothing makes a home more beautiful than fresh flowers.

Little white roses were put in salt and pepper shakers on the dining room table.

The foyer with white roses and a sign that I printed for the housewarming party favors.

The party favors were a cute little idea I found on Pinterest. I'll share that with you tomorrow. Here they are in a little tray.

"Thanks for Warming Our home, Here's something to warm yours." This little sign I made in Word using a marble background, a picture of some Ranuculus and a blue font.  I hung it with twine and black clothespins.

The party was so much fun.  So many nice friends came and really had a great time.  We hope to throw many more parties in the future and really break in our new home and create lots of fun memories.


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Sarni said...

Looks splendid. Invited guests were truly honored to be with you . Excellent job!

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