Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rooms with Red and Baby Blue

My head is buzzing with ideas on how to decorate my son's room now that the flooring is complete. The walls are a soft gray and the twin beds are bright red.  Everything else can be changed.  Here are some inspiration photos that include gray with pops of red and blue.

I'm digging the black and white chevron rug and on Overstock right now they have one on sale for $40. Definitely going to keep my eye on it.


This red bed is similar to the ones my two son's have.  So I'm taking cues from this photo that it pairs really well with light baby blue.


A room with two red bed and blue walls.  This is too "red, white, and blue" for me" but I do like that metal gray locker with the globe.


I love that they used a more teal green on the walls with this red bed.


This is obviously an adult guest room, but these colors are divine.  Love the black and white paired with the red headboards and green/blue wall paint.  Also, the hints of gold are so sophisticated and very on par with today's metal trends.


So many fun ideas!  I'll keep you posted on the updates of the room of course!


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