Thursday, April 11, 2013

Updating door hardware

This is not going to be a very interesting post, you've been warned.   We haven't been doing anything interesting around here or any fun projects. We're still trying to get our house just "up-to-speed."  Although I love original hardware on a 1920's house for example, the original finishing touches on a 1987 ranch house just isn't our thing.   Take these door handles for example.  They are that brass color you find everywhere in 1980's homes.  The only good thing they have going for them is that they are worn in with a nice darker patina.  Still not my thing.  We have 5 interior doors with locks, 2 hallway closets without locks and 4 closet doors that have "dummy" knobs.  Here are the dummy door handles BEFORE:

So they all came off.  The doors also got a nice scrub down and a fresh coat of white semi-gloss paint (some got two coats.) 

We ended buying all of the new door knobs from Lowes.  They are by Gatehouse and are called Baron Aged Bronze Mushroom Residential door knobs.  We actually only purchased 5 locking sets and 2 pass through knobs.  For the closet dummy doors seen here, I sanded them down and spray painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. AFTER:

This is one of the closet pass through door handles BEFORE:


Here is a locking door BEFORE:


 Our Master Bath door BEFORE:


Master Bathroom Door AFTER:

Daughter's door AFTER:

 Linen Closer Door After:

Son's Door AFTER:

We're not done with this project unfortunately because now we have to take all the doors down, take off the hinges and spray paint them too and give the trim a coat of paint too.  So stay tuned for another boring post on that!  Hope you're having a great week!



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