Saturday, April 20, 2013

Monster Truck 4th birthday

I had so much fun today celebrating with my big 4 year old son and his friends.  I also had a great time planning his party.  He wanted a Monster Truck party -so here we go!!! 

We made our back yard deck the site of the food and drinks. We brought a table from inside and covered it with a blue table cloth and decorated it with a black and white checkered flag. We placed Monster Trucks the boys built at Lowes on the ledge and two centerpieces from Birthday Direct. 

I made all the signs using Microsoft office and gluing them to pieces of scrap book paper in the theme colors (Blue, Green, Orange, and Red.) Here we have the "Refueling Station."

I found Kool-aid in Blue and Purple and labeled them "Anti-Freeze" and "Motor Oil." I made the labels in Microsoft Word and just used scotch tape to adhere them. I also printed mini labels in front with a clip art Monster Truck.

For the adults we had water (of course) and Orange Crush with a sign I made that read "Keep Calm and Crush On."  

Appetizers included "Axel Rods" aka Pretzel sticks, veggie sticks, and carrot sticks in little kid sized green cups.

We tried out a helium tank for the first time. It was pretty fun filling our balloons for the party.  We were able to add balloons across the back deck, one balloon bouquet for the birthday boy and one balloon for the mailbox.

 We created the "Winner's Circle" for our son to open presents.

I found this sign at Birthday Direct, that reads "Welcome to Maddock's Monstrous 4th Birthday Party.  We attached it to the back gate where guests entered the party.

Streamers were everywhere, Blue, Orange, and Black.

The play house out back was turned into a "Body Shop" where kids could go in and get a Monster Truck tattoo.

A collection of Monster Trucks became a great party game as the kids raced them down the driveway.

Our front yard garden became a Monster Truck arena with dirt hills and ramps.

The kids each got a customized coloring page to color and take home thanks to Frecklebox.

For lunch we made simple subway sandwiches with condiments on the side. We called it the "Monster Feast Station."

On the side we served up fresh cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple.

For dessert, which I called "Overdrive" I made "mud shots." These were a concoction of pudding and blended up chocolate graham crackers.

There were Monster Truck tires (chocolate donuts and Keebler striped cookies.)

Cupcakes of course!  Chocolate cupcakes, butter cream blue frosting with black crystals and racing flags on top.

We gave each child their own monster truck with a balloon attached for party favors. There were many extras so my kids got one too.

At the end of the party they all had fun racing them down the driveway. :)

It was such a fun party.  Hope this gave you some cute ideas for your next Monster Truck party!



Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, it looked like a great Party!!!

Peahen Pad said...

Thanks. Wish you were here for it! :)

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