Friday, April 26, 2013

New Living room Floor

I feel like we change our flooring as much as we change our clothes around here. It's honestly getting to be quite a lot of work.  With the kitchen remodel  that was forced upon us when we came back from vacation due to a flood we decided to go with continuous floors throughout the entire house.  Last weekend we tackled the living room.  Here is the BEFORE pic.  There is nothing wrong with these floors, we just decided we liked darker floors more.

Another BEFORE shot.

Now there's a monkey on your back if you ever saw one.  It's not surprising my kids want to spend every second with Joe. He's the best husband.  The first step was to remove all of the quarter round.

And how's this for child labor? Get the little ones involved and we all succeed.

The first section of flooring goes down.  We didn't pull up the old flooring, so that saved us a lot of time. Instead we laid foam underlayment right on top of it. The blue tape is to make sure that first section is completely straight and nothing shifts.

The back door entry is moving along.

Our whole living room had to be dismantled and we just moved everything to one side while we worked.

This was a disaster area for two full days, the amount of time if took us to do the whole living room (minus underneath our washer and dryer, we'll get to that another day.)

And let's get right to it, Here are the AFTER shots.

We love our new flooring.  It suits us much better than the lighter wood. Now we just have to do all the bedrooms and we can call it quits for a while! At least for the big stuff anyway.


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Sarni said...

Looks Great you two! Such nice touches. Have to admire your stamina!

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