Monday, April 29, 2013

Updating flooring in child's room

We knocked out one of the kid's rooms this weekend with new flooring. One of three bedrooms we'll get done over the impending weeks of Spring while the weather is nice and we can work with the windows open and let things air out. Especially due to the fact that we have to also caulk the quarter round and paint the trim around the floor.  Here is our son's shared space BEFORE:

My my, sometimes taking pictures gives you a clearer view of just how much you need to declutter. This one screams, "Organize those shelves! Take down those stickers! Clean up that dresser!"  Maybe it's just me.

This dresser is getting an overhaul soon.  You can see the walls are light gray. I'm leaning towards painting the dresser either a soft baby blue (goes so nicely with the red beds) or perhaps a teal or turquoise.

And here are the AFTER shots.  I love having a blank slate to work with.  I can't wait to get the furniture back in and show you Real AFTER shots.

Stay tuned as this room gets transformed! 


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