Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft clean-up

I feel like I'm nesting. You know the kind of nesting you do right before you bring home a new baby? Well maybe that's because I had to bring home my first born son from a 3 day stay in the hospital. He's okay, but ever since coming home, the mess around me is driving me crazy and I'm organizing like a mad woman.  

Here is my "craft center" where I keep most of my craft supplies. Messy right?  I thought so too.  

I brought my 5 year old with me to a yard sale on Saturday so he could shop around for a toy with his new Valentine money from the in-laws. With $10 in his pocket he was ready to shop. Sadly he only came home with a free New Year's Eve noise maker. I'm glad they didn't make him pay for it. I would have hated for them to break a $10 bill for a 10 cent item. But I scored 15 Mason jars for .25 cents each. I had been wanting some to store crafts for a little while now.  I had been watching ebay for lots of them, but they were upwards of $15 bids with several days left to go before the auctions were over. I pretty much gave up trying to find some.  So I was so happy to find these (see second row of stuff.)  Doesn't it look so much neater? I know, it could use some more tweaking. I'm hoping to find a craft paper storage container and maybe some more white Martha Stewart storage things, but for now it will probably stay like this:

I also managed to start priming the living room this weekend.  I got most of the "cutting in" done. Here is our laundry area.

My two  year old son helped a little too. He had a little paint brush. Don't you love all those brush stokes? He had fun helping me.

Lots of windows means lots of edges to cut in. I can't wait to get the rest of the priming done on our living room this weekend and start painting.  I'll spill the beans now. We chose "Dophin Fin" by Behr for the living room. I picked up 2 gallons of Olympic's No VOC paint color matched to the Behr color.

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


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