Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Valentine Cards

Valentine's is behind us now, but I wanted to share the cute little Valentine Cards I helped make with my kids. They are for the 5 and up crowd since using kid scissors is involved.

We first traced hearts on construction paper and cut them out. This is where you get your kids involved to help cut. Then we lined up three hearts and punched out a hole at the bottom of the hearts. 

We used Tootsie pops and placed one through the hole. I had my older son write out his friends names and his name on each one. Then they decorated them with stickers.

To bring them to school, I placed them all in this red bucket so it looked a bouquet of flowers.

There you have it, one easy peasy Valentine's you can make at home.

And check out this awesome Valentine! It also had a label that said "You're Super Maddock!" How cool is it? It definitely beats mine. I want to make them next year.

Here was my Valentine from my dear husband, some very fragrant pink hyacinths. There was also a box of chocolates, but I think I ate about three and the rest went to work with him (silly stomach bug) and he also got me a set of new hair rollers. He knows how frizzy my hair gets. LOL.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.


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