Monday, February 6, 2012

New Bedding

I promised you on Wednesday for a post about the bedroom.  So okay, I signed up for my sewing class too and just couldn't wait to learn how to make my own duvet so I went on a hunt for something that would go with my new Dwell Studio Headboard.  When I was at Target I found this King Duvet by Fieldcrest called Luxury Embroidered Hotel Duvet Set in White/Silver. It was perfect in my opinion to compliment the Gray and White Headboard. It was white, which was great. Plus it has a repeating pattern in Gray. Perfect.  I used two white pillow cases and two dark gray pillow cases and then found a little white Springmaid Ruched Decorative pillow at Target on sale for $9.99 . I liked that this ruching compliments our drapes.

You can see the pattern in this photo and I love that our yellow vanity table compliments the gray very nicely.

Oh and did I mention I bought the Diane Von Furstenberg Island Clover top sheet from Home Goods for $24.99? This sheet retails for $149! Crazytown! It's soooo soft too. I'm glad I "splurged" for such a nice top sheet.

We are loving our "new" headboard and bedding. Feels like a whole new space.


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