Monday, February 27, 2012

Wall Papered Computer Armoire

This is what happens when I'm bored, broke, and looking for something fun to do.  I take random furniture in my house and try to make it better (or other things for that matter.)  With two young children who nap throughout the day and a child in school sometimes I'm just stuck inside.  I have time to kill. House is clean, laundry is done, blah blah, so I just get bored.  Here is our little computer armoire that houses our computer, printer, and other miscellaneous office supplies. At first I sanded the doors and tried painting them. I first tried white, then teal, then whoops all the paint started peeling off. So here is sat looking kind of sad for a while.  

So I decided to wallpaper the doors instead.  I busted out the "Ceiling Tiles" wallpaper by Allen and Roth from Lowes I used for my China Hutch project.  I measured the door insets with a tape measure and then carefully cut out two long strips of my wallpaper using a long metal ruler and scissors.

I applied the wallpaper according to the instructions. Dipping it in water for about 5 seconds and then applying it to the doors making sure there were no bubbles.  Then I let it dry overnight.

Once it was dry I painted it with some left over paint from my son's room called Polar Star by Valspar.  After it dried, I applied Martha Stewart's silver Metallic Glaze from Home Depot over the top with a brush. It gave it a sort of shiny feel.

For now we're going to leave it as is, but the whole cabinet is going to relocate to another spot in the living room once we redo our floors in two weeks. It will probably stay this black color on the edges, unless I get bored on a another day and decide to give it a color, which I'm thinking that may happen. I have some plans for the inside of the cabinet as well. Maybe some chalkboard paint on the inside to write messages?

Happy Monday everyone!  


P.S. We've picked our Living Room Wall color and hopefully we can get started painting this weekend. 

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