Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More hand crafted nursery art

I love the feeling of creating something from nothing and instantly having art for a wall.  Kids grow up so fast and will probably start decorating their rooms by themselves and want no input from their Moms.  But until then, I'll fill their rooms with cheap instant art, because I know someday soon it will come down and be filed away with their other baby items.

Here I've created two unique pieces using styrofoam squares from the craft store. These are 2" thick and about a 6" square.  Like I did with my plywood art, I wrapped them in pretty fabric.  Next I found images from the internet. Don't you like the internet? I'm so addicted, I seriously need an intervention. For this swan print, I placed it on top of a circle cut out from scrap paper. It looks a little bit wrinkled in this picture, so that tells me I need to re glue it, or do it over.

For this one, I got a little more creative and cut out a flower from this really bold floral print. Then I used silk gold leaves and placed them over the fabric leaves for a 3-D effect. I glued little gold balls on the center of the flower to give it a similar 3-D effect. I love how these turned out and they were super easy to make.

Hope you have fun crafting your own art for your little one.


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